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The promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to create amazing digital experiences. By harnessing advancements in machine learning and AI, enterprises can process extremely large data sets, apply the appropriate predictive models and automate intelligent outputs that enhance their operational efficiency and customer experience.

From applying domain knowledge expertise, accessing the right data to deploying well-trained predictive models, StarHub helps to bridge your organisational data through infrastructure and technology to deliver the most suitable AI solutions.

By making AI solutions accessible and affordable, StarHub offers high performance connectivity, scalable network and tailored AI solutions to enhance your digital business. From next-generation computing architecture, to hyperconnected cloud on our unparalleled network, our team of data scientists, engineers, and technology partners stand ready to offer your enterprise AI solutions for future possibilities.

Why enterprises choose StarHub AI


From AI-driven enterprise engine, facial recognition to robotic automation process services, StarHub enables the AI solutions to effectively meet your business challenges.

StarHub Infrastructure Deployment Models

Flexible Infrastructure Deployment Models
Be in control of either owning your network infrastructure or deploying it on a managed service model delivered over the cloud.
StarHub data insights and predictive algorithms

Extensive Data Insights & Predictive Algorithms
Tap on rich data drawn from multiple different sources including TV channels, websites and GPS locations. This wealth of data is collected, integrated, analysed and anonymised by StarHub’s experienced data scientists to augment your own data.
StarHub technology partnership for AI solution

Robust Infrastructure & an Ecosystem of Technology Partners
Our extensive experience in fibre infrastructure, global connectivity, data centre cloud and data analytics coupled with best of breed technology partnerships enable us to provide a holistic AI solution that can be integrated into your operating environment.
StarHub artificial solution capabilities

Experienced In-house Expertise & Capabilities
All solutions are backed by a large pool of experienced systems integrators, application development professionals and data scientists to help design, deploy and manage a cost effective and reliable AI solution.
one-stop AI solutions provider

One-stop Managed Solution Provider
As a one-stop AI solutions provider, we deliver convenient and comprehensive support from technical consultancy, project management, managed services to troubleshooting services.

AI solutions you can rely on
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the process of using software robots to automate the execution of a task or process which can be either too expensive or inefficient for humans. Available in either attended or unattended environment, these software robots can manipulate or enter data, trigger other processes or communicate with other systems.

facial recognition technology with starhub
Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is another AI application using biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video. Facial images are translated to data and compared with a database of known gallery data to find a match. Facial recognition can be from a static image source, or from multiple surveillance video streams.

artificial intelligence (AI) driven search engine
AI-driven Enterprise Search Engine

Having an Enterprise Search Engine to power across all internal and external sources is essential to find the right data in this era of information explosion. Unlike internet search engines, advanced enterprise search engines use deep web algorithms supplemented with built-in smart bots, connectors and machine learning to extract meaningful data in real-time across all internal and external sources.

Discover high performance, scalable and tailored AI applications to enhance your digital business.

SmartHub Analytics

Drive deeper business insights that draws from millions of near real-time data points from our telco network.

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