Grow your business telephony easily without worry.

Businesses are increasingly adopting new IP based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems that offer more functionalities, including UC (Unified Communications). Due to its scalability and flexibility, SmartSIP is the new standard best suited to support IP PBX and other Unified Communication solutions. 


SmartSIP provides high quality SIP Trunk that connects your telephony application to the PSTN network, allowing the routing of telephone calls on an IP connection rather than using an ISDN line. With SmartSIP, businesses can achieve significant cost savings and greater operational efficiency.


Enhance mobility of workforce by adding soft phone overlay so you can take your desk line wherever you go. Remain contactable on your 6-series number while on the move, regardless of device. 

Three Great Reasons to choose Business SmartSIP
Cost saving
Reduce monthly costs by up to 50% and
pay only for what you use.
Retain your numbers
Number portability to ensure seamless
Scale your channels in blocks of 5, up
to a total of 1,000 channels per trunk



You can adopt SmartSIP regardless of the size of your business. Starting from a base of 10 channels, you can scale up incrementally in blocks of 5 channels up to 1,000 channels on a single SIP Trunk as your business grows.

Dedicated access

Unlike certain VoIP providers where class of service may not be guaranteed, SmartSIP is delivered through a dedicated access with a real-time, Class A (voice-grade) connection. As the voice packets are not delivered via the Internet, your voice calls are secured and the quality is ensured.

Number portability

Migrating to SmartSIP does not mean that you need to change all your telephone numbers. SmartSIP supports number portability. You can retain your existing numbers when you migrate to StarHub’s SmartSIP, with no disruption to your business operations.

Disaster recovery

Communication is crucial in times of crisis or disasters. For customers with multiple SmartSIP trunks, SmartSIP can be enabled to auto reroute voice traffic when a trunk is faulty. This ensures that you are reachable under any circumstances.


Value Added Services
Enhance mobility with soft clients
Enjoy greater mobility and advanced communication features. Make and receive calls via the Softphone app on any of your mobile devices. Access advanced features like caller ID, conferencing, sequential call, simultaneous ringing etc
Cloud Voice Recording
Allow seamless recording, storing and access of voice calls, enabling you to meet compliance obligations. This is a per user basis cloud recording solution.

Switch to StarHub SmartSIP for more flexibility and long term savings

SmartSIP for Teams Calling

Unify your business phone and Microsoft Teams in one platform, for all your internal and external communications

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IDD 018

Save more when you call overseas with per second billing and all day flat rates.

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Enjoy unified converged, mobile and phone line services across multiple devices for your business.

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