Hello Cartus, Hello Mobile Office

An Interview with Ong Ling Ling, Senior IT Manager, Cartus Corporation

30 October 2020

“5G is the enabler of applications that demand very high throughput. The areas of self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, virtual or augmented reality, remote medical/scientific operations, entertainment, gaming and big data will grow very quickly with the availability of 5G.”

Looking back a year ago, business mobility was probably not one of the top priorities for organisations around the world. Fast forward to today, ‘mobility’ is the buzzword for businesses, and rightly so.

Ling Ling, a senior IT manager for APAC at Cartus Corporation, with over 19 years in the regional relocation and international assignment management business, shares her thoughts on a successful mobility strategy. 

StarHub Mobile Office

 “I think StarHub’s Mobile Office Bundle is a timely offering in this age of work from wherever and whenever.”

With almost 2 decades of implementing IT infrastructure solutions for Cartus under her belt, Ling Ling was chosen to be one of the first few to experience the StarHub Mobile Office Bundle which includes Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Dex, SmartUC, 5G trial service and Microsoft 365 solutions.

With Ling Ling working remotely from home and on-the-go, she has described the bundle as “ultra-portable” and “an easy-to-deploy package” that has office applications and multimedia collaboration capabilities to enhance her work operations.

Revolutionising Industries with 5G

“Not only will 5G be instrumental for many industries, including retail, entertainment, automotive, manufacturing, and logistics, but it will also help to speed up tech advancements.”

As one who champions digital transformation and technologies, the new 5G network is one that excites Ling Ling. Labelled as a ‘game changer’ with its improved speed and being an enabler of applications that demand high throughput by Ling Ling, the availability of 5G will push for technological advancements such as self-driving cars in the IT industry and beyond.

For Ling Ling, who works with stakeholders both locally and internationally, having a fast, stable and wider network coverage is important for her to maximise productivity while minimising interruptions. Through 5G and Microsoft 365 tools like Teams packed neatly in her mobile, Ling Ling communicates seamlessly even when working remotely or on-the-go.


The Power of Unified Communications & Mobility Solutions

“Technology that enables the transformation of anything physical into its digital equivalent has become top priority for companies and governments.”

A firm believer of unified communications, Ling Ling emphasises the importance of having synergised, unified communications that is efficient yet effective. In the current situation, digital transformation is imperative as businesses operate outside of traditional ‘office space’ environment. Ling Ling signals the need for unified communications solutions like SmartUC to help businesses connect and stay available to customers and employees alike.

Recognising the Samsung device and Dex platform as a “true mobile computing” experience, Ling Ling works on her mobile -- from reading emails, video conferencing with Teams to collaborating on Microsoft documents. She mirrors her phone to a desktop experience via the Samsung DeX platform, making switching between remote & desktop working a breeze.

Ling Ling was pleasantly surprised by Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G’s screen performance and reduction of blue light, making working long hours comfortable without eye strain.

Strategising for the Future of Business Mobility

“Organisations must be prepared to redesign their technical infrastructure, processes and systems to withstand future pressures.”

Ling Ling believes that laying the foundation with a set of guidelines and working with IT to build a culture of security will be a determining factor for a successful implementation. Remote working enhances the risk of security breaches, and coming from an IT background, Ling Ling advocates for security in this aspect.

Beyond work processes and security, she also shared that the bundle is a crucial component to the strategy as it enables companies to leverage on the communication tools concurrently and interchangeably to create multichannel sessions for effective collaboration from wherever they are.

As Ling Ling said, “Connecting people, processes, and data together while finding ways for employees to leverage mobile solutions to impact business growth is the winning formula for a good business mobility strategy.”

Ready to onboard the business mobility strategy? Discover StarHub’s Mobile Office Bundle and take the future of business into your hands.

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