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Timothy Chan, Head of Airport Business at Woodlands Transport, shares the importance of mobile productivity in his field of work, and the possibilities of 5G for the future of the transport industry.

25 March 2021

“StarHub’s Mobile Office helps us achieve mobile productivity and smoothens on-ground operations to boost business efficiency.”

Singapore has one of the best transport systems in the world. With digitalisation and the influx of new technologies, the nation is looking to transform the industry and build a connected and efficient ecosystem of smart solutions with its new Land Transport Master Plan 2040.

Timothy Chan, Head of Airport Business at Woodlands Transport, shares the importance of mobile productivity in his field of work, and the possibilities of 5G for the future of the transport industry. Woodlands Transport is the largest private transport operator in Singapore, managing a fleet of 1,000 vehicles on the road daily across a multitude of industries.

Steering Mobile Productivity

“The StarHub’s Mobile Office which includes Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Samsung DeX, SmartUC, 5G trial service, and SmartUC solutions is the ultimate ‘do-everything’ business phone.”

As Timothy oversees and manages the Changi Airport Shuttle division, he places the utmost importance on mobile connectivity as his operators are constantly on the move, to ensure that the vehicles and customers match in a fast and timely manner. Mobile productivity is especially crucial to achieve seamless work operations by ensuring all vehicles leave on time to avoid congestion. With StarHub SmartUC mobile, Timothy is able to receive calls from his office number on his mobile devices, ensuring that operations are in good order.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G long battery life with fast-charging properties and 5G connectivity helps him and his team to achieve that. The mobile device also allows him to work on-the-go for onsite checks on deployments and schedules. Reporting of any incidents is also sped up as well, allowing for quicker resolutions.

As part of their digitalisation efforts, Woodlands Transport has developed its own mobile application for fleet management where vehicles are assigned to customers. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G device is being used by multiple staff who are on different duty schedules, all staff are aligned on all schedules with access to the same materials and information for a seamless workflow through a single device. 

Being on-ground most of the time, Timothy enjoys the Samsung DeX for its auto-sync feature. He can work on his mobile device and continue where he left off by simply plugging into a monitor via Samsung DeX. This not only saves time, but it also helps Woodlands Transport to save other resources such as space, by doing away with bulky CPUs or desktops.

Driving the Future of 5G in the Transport Industry

“To better enhance the commuter experience, technology and connectivity have to co-exist seamlessly. We need to keep innovating.”

With the advent of 5G, Timothy is excited for the future of the transport industry. Having witnessed autonomous buses in other parts of the world, he hopes that the adoption of driverless buses will reach Singapore’s shores in the near future, and Woodlands Transport would be at the forefront to embrace such technology in Singapore once the 5G capability is stabilised. 

Timothy expects 5G to accelerate other technologies like AI, which will help in fleet management via location tracking. By sharing real-time information such as estimated arrival times, and traffic issues, challenges such as driver overlap, rigid timetables, and inflexible routes can be overcome. This intelligent transport ecosystem will translate to massive cost savings and free up the team for more critical tasks.

With these operational insights and decision support capabilities, Woodlands Transport will be able to innovate new services such as on-demand services that can respond dynamically, or dynamic routing based on traffic conditions to avoid crowding and achieve efficiencies.

Through mobile technology, 5G is expected to provide end-to-end connectivity across Singapore. The technology will be able to support many types of communications for transportation companies and pave ways for specific exchange of information and signals between vehicles, to infrastructures such as sensors on roads, traffic lights, and bridges. 

The low latency of 5G networks enhance the safety of autonomous vehicles with road hazard and accident-avoidance systems which are capable of detecting hazards and triggering an automated response almost in real-time[1]. Real-time data and information can also be tracked and utilised to help make the functions of such driverless buses more intuitive and less susceptible to any road incidents. 

In future, driverless buses or other autonomous vehicles will also help decrease emissions, since these cars are likely to be electric, while the increased efficiency will help to decrease the likelihood of traffic congestion.

On Route to Smart Transportation

“It is about leveraging on advanced technology, coupled with connectivity, data intelligence, and security to bring about a seamless, safer, and more efficient land transport for everyone.”

An efficient and reliable land transport system is a vital enabler for Singapore and its economy. To be able to move in tandem with the digital economy, organisations in the land transport sector should consider digital solutions to help streamline operations for optimised productivity and customer satisfaction for both commuters and drivers.

Transportation companies and fleet operators can turn to technology to gain a competitive edge by achieving lower operating costs and increased efficiencies. 

Through the four key technology pillars - Autonomy, Intelligence, Connectivity, and Security, Singapore’s land transport sector can continue to evolve and bring endless possibilities and convenience to all in years to come. From driverless vehicles to smart technologies for safety alerts, the future of land transport will see an ecosystem that is more seamless, efficient, and safer.

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